Senin, 30 April 2018

Greater Jakarta to have integrated mass transport system

The government hopes to create fully integrated transport system in the Greater Jakarta area in 2023-2024. It could transport up to 5 million passengers a day.

More roads are required in Jakarta from year to year, therefore, the requirement has to be met with adequate mass transport facilities, Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said here when inspecting speed light rail transit (LRT) here on Sunday.

Budi said currently the government continued to build mass transport facilities like LRT, commuter trains and mass rapid transport (MRT) in the Greater Jakarta area.

Based on evaluation by the government, the busiest access roads to Jakarta are Cibubur-Jakarta, Bekasi-Jakarta, and Bogor-Jakarta.

"The three favorite roads continue to be expanded for mass transport," the minister said.

He reminded the LRT contractor of the importance of security and safety saying construction has to be finished as scheduled but safety with zero accident is more important.

The LRT project is being built by state-owned construction company Adhi Karya.

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