Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Your letters: On Transjakarta Bus Lanes

I admit I’ve entered Transjakarta bus lanes a couple of times when I drive.

Sometimes, I don’t give way for a bus full of people that wants to enter my lane.

Perhaps I felt frustrated driving on Jakarta’s congested roads, or perhaps I feel incredulous at the bus driver’s impoliteness in the way he sought to enter the lane but afterward I felt bad, as I became aware of the number of people on the bus; they only wanted to get home, as I did, and I was alone in my car while they did not have that luxury.

If only the buses were more comfortable, I would want to use them instead of drive my car. But then, I was one of the reasons the bus wasn’t more comfortable; I deliberately blocked its way.

I was the one who was rude.

If I were to give way to buses as I usually give way to ambulances, police cars and fire trucks, I’m not sure whether the bus way system would be needed.

So, I’ve been reflecting on an article, “A key year for city public transportation” (The Jakarta Post, Jan. 4), by Bambang Nurbianto, about the government not being too tough on motorcyclists — or perhaps drivers, too — as it referred to the busway system. I think we all need to be more aware about the way we drive or ride our vehicles.


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