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Transjakarta Corridor 1 Achieved Silver Standard

Transjakarta BRT Corridor 1 achieved the Silver Standard BRT in the ITDP BRT Standard Rating System. The first corridor, opened 10 years ago, has recently shown some improvements which pushed the ratings from Bronze to Silver. Stricter measure on traffic enforcement, integration with other modes and the addition of higher capacity 18-meter buses into the system have all contributed to the improvement of Corridor 1 performance.

The BRT Standard was developed by ITDP with the purpose to create common definitions of bus rapid transit (BRT) and to make sure that passenger service, infrastructure design, economics benefits, and positive environmental impacts of BRT systems around the world have uniformity. Furthermore, the BRT Standard scoring system offers recognition to high quality BRT systems around the world by certifying a BRT corridor as basic BRT, bronze, silver, or gold standard for the current international best practices for BRT systems.

Corridor 1 which runs from Blok M to Kota excels in some categories such as service planning, station design and Station-Bus interface. Other parameters, such as bicycle integration and passing lanes at stations, could potentially increase the scoring for Transjakarta and currently ITDP is working with city to implement those measures along corridor 1.

In addition to Corridor 1, other six  Transjakarta corridors achieved The Bronze Standard whilst the remaining five Corridors only achieved the BRT Basic Rating.

Transjakarta, the first BRT system in Asia, began operation in 2004 and already has the longest BRT corridor with 12 Corridors span over 250 km and cover almost the entire city. The current plan to improve Transjakarta also includes three more corridors to add within the next few years. On its 10th year anniversary, Transjakarta remains to be one of the favorite modes of transportation in Jakarta. The city, with the assistance from ITDP is also planning to increase Transjakarta capacity, and current proposal on this plan includes BRT Station expansion and service integration with direct service system to further increase the coverage of the system. It is estimated that Transjakarta could double its ridership from currently 350,000 passengers daily after the plan is implemented .

Corridor 1
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